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Remote Pilot Certificate A2 & BOS Knowledge for Remote Pilots

Droniq for Flight
Flying dronessafely and efficiently.
Droniq for Flight
Flying dronessafely and efficiently.

Your EXPERT for
PROFESSIONAL drone applications

Drones as a Service.

Drones. Tracking. Aerial flights. Consulting. Academy.

Everything from a single source.

Your EXPERT for
PROFESSIONAL drone applications

Drones as a Service.

Drones. Tracking. Aerial flights. Consulting. Academy.

Everything from a single source.

Use drones professionally & visibly.


We integrate drones safely and easily
into German airspace. Enable automated flying over long distances & offer drones-as-a-service,

For drone visibility, we provide
our traffic management with unique aerial situation image & highest data quality in ground level airspace.

We advise on integrating UAS into operations, create SORAs, ConOps & assist with approval processes.

Of course, we also assist in the selection and procurement of drones, train & test remote pilots (DE.PStf.035).


Drones & Accessories
Developed by DJI Enterprise, the DJI Dock - also called drone garage, drone hangar or drone in a box - is more than just a launch, landing and charging station. It's ready to go 24/7 for out-of-visual-range (BVLOS) flights.
Drone-in-a-Box System
Training & Exams
of the Droniq Academy
Droniq assists in the preparation & completion of operating license applications as well as submission to the relevant aviation authority.
SORA, ConOps &
Operating Permit
Drone Traffic
Management (UTM)
Management software for drone operators
Management software
for UAS operators

UAS flight operations

Would you like to set up a professional & safe drone operation or do you have specific questions? We are happy to support you in all phases of your UAS operation.



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Droniq is a joint venture between Deutsche Flugsicherung and Deutsche Telekom. To this end, Droniq combines the aviation expertise of DFS with the mobile communications expertise of Deutsche Telekom. The business objective is to provide, market and sell services for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles in Europe. We support companies in all phases of drone operations: planning, implementation or follow-up.



News From the DRONIQ BLOG



This is what they say about us

Droniq stands for visibility and safety in the lower airspace, just like we do at Dronetag. We are very excited about our partnership and proud to support Droniq's unmanned traffic management system with our remote ID solution.

Lukáš Brchl, CEO of Dronetag

Drones offer enormous potential. To exploit this, prospective drone pilots need to know how to use the drone safely. By working with Droniq and its Droniq Academy training platform, we have the opportunity to impart this know-how at Mönchengladbach Airport in order to promote the professional use of drones in our region.

David Osten
Innovation Manager of Flughafengesellschaft Mönchengladbach GmbH

When flying in urban areas, there are few things more stressful than an approaching rescue or police helicopter flying low and fast. The aerial situational awareness image provided by Droniq allows such aircraft to be perceived early, allowing you to react without time pressure. A gamechanger for professional and safe drone operations.

Herbert Kratzel,
Head of Technical Building Equipment at AGBnova GmbH

With our drone traffic system, we are very well positioned internationally and thus already have a basis for integrating drone airspace. In this way, we enable fast and uncomplicated drone operations. This is an important step in the direction of digital aviation, combined with proven safety.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge
Managing Director Technology of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

By flying over Colonius, we obtain detailed images and data about the building fabric in areas of the tower that can otherwise only be inspected at great expense. The LUC will help us to speed up the further digitization of our site management.

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
Spokesman of the Management Board of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

We will study the various elements of such a transportation system in real-world projects to gain an accurate picture of the technical and regulatory requirements. Electric air transport can provide an extension to public transport, airports and time-critical applications, and the service will be environmentally friendly, quiet and safe.

Andreas Thellmann
Head of the Air Mobility Initiative

It is important to put the first U-Spaces into practice in order to advance the safe integration of drones into the airspace. With the U-Space reallab in Hamburg, we have been able to impressively demonstrate how this can be done and at the same time, as the DFS Group, we are demonstrating our technological capabilities. Unmanned aviation is an important part of future air traffic, which will also become increasingly autonomous in other fields.

Arndt Schoenemann
Chairman of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

With Droniq's services, our fixed-wing drones will be able to fully exploit their performance potential for long-range missions and large-scale aerial flights. Droniq thus creates the conditions for using drones efficiently and opening up new markets. We are looking forward to the first projects using the Droniq service.

Michael Schmidt
Managing Director Hanseatic Aviation Solutions

When we are called out, human lives are often at stake. Every minute counts! Drones help us to deploy personnel and large-scale equipment much more efficiently. As an incident commander, I can use Droniq's aerial situation display to ensure safe flight operations under the toughest conditions, even during large-scale operations and parallel use of helicopters.

Robert Rink
DLRG Lower Saxony, Ref. Ltr. Remote Sensing