Flying drones safely and efficiently

The skies above Germany are buzzing – more and more drones, also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), are appearing in the skies above us. Whether as a simple flying drone, quadrocopter, multicopter or octocopter: These unmanned aircraft systems can carry out a range of jobs more quietly, more cost efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way than conventional alternatives. Unlike other aircraft, however, such devices cannot be seen by radar. This severely restricts their potential uses at the moment.

Droniq has a solution – drones can be integrated safely and sustainably into airspace using innovative mobile communications technology. Flights beyond the operator's line of sight are now possible.

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Combined expertise

Droniq is a joint venture between the German air navigation service provider DFS and Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications company. This combination brings together air traffic control with the latest communications technology and means we can safely integrate drones as a new airspace user into German airspace.

Deutscher Mobilitätspreis

The Connected Drones project is the winner of the German Mobility Award 2018!

The collaboration began in 2016 as a joint project called Connected Drones. Practical field tests with partners from the fire service, the German Lifesaving Society (DLRG) and the gas pipeline operator ThyssenGas have proven that drones can also be tracked and monitored beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Our common goal as Droniq is to expand the services offered for drones in Europe and to set common standards.

Drohne der Marke Yuneec | Droniq
„Droniq offers an entry into the commercial operation of unmanned aircraft systems, especially for drone flights beyond the visual line of sight.“
Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, CEO of DFS
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The Droniq team is creative, customer-oriented and very competent. Both the training as well as the support services in dealing with all the necessary paperwork and bureaucracy are carried out with the utmost professionalism. We are very happy with how we have been working together.

Michael Kracke
Evonik, Project Leader

When we’re called, it’s often a matter of life or death – every minute counts. Drones help us to deploy our staff and equipment more efficiently. With Droniq’s air situation display, I – as the commander in charge – can ensure safe flight operations even under the most severe conditions, on large-scale operations, and when helicopters are also being used.

Robert Rink
DLRG Lower Saxony, Head of Remote Sensing Division

With Droniq's services, our fixed-wing drones will be able to fully exploit their performance potential in long-haul missions and during large-area flights. Droniq is creating the conditions for using drones efficiently and is opening up new markets. We are looking forward to starting the first projects using Droniq’s services.

Michael Schmidt
Hanseatic Aviation Solutions, Managing Director

Yuneec develops high-end drones for professional and commercial use. They have – thanks to our high standards of precision, reliability and safety – already proven to be successful on the mass market. Droniq's new services are the next logical step in raising the attractiveness of our commercial and professional copter portfolio.

Gernot Steenblock
Yuneec, Commercial Business Development

Droniq's system offers a very good browser-based air situation display that allows potential dangers from other aircraft to be quickly identified and responded to during drone flight. With an excellent live display of the drone in the browser application, the mission control always knows exactly where the drone is flying.

Michael Drätzl
Stv. Leiter Unterstützungsgruppe Örtliche Einsatzleitung
Katastrophenschutz Landkreis Eichstätt

Trassenbefliegung per Drohne | Droniq

Droniq inside

Werktransport zwischen zwei Merck-Standorten per Drohne von Wingcopter | Droniq

Wherever a drone takes off in Germany and flies over a long distance, Droniq is there. We support the flight preparation, ensure a quick and smooth approval of the project, train the pilots and make the drone flight safe with our UTM service. Learn more about our successes here!

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Power the future

Together, we intend on developing a safe and sustainable airspace ecosystem for drones. We offer advice on aviation law and innovative technology, boosting the safety of the services our customers offer.

Droniq offers a special modem mounted, or hooked, on the drone (known as the hook-on device) and a SIM card to dial into the mobile communications network. Now we can determine the exact position of the drones and display these data in a UAS traffic management system, known as UTM. This traffic management system especially for drones will process the position data of all drones in real time. It can project their routes and create an up-to-date display of the air traffic situation. The airspace transparency this creates will open up even more applications for drones.

Drohne mit integrierten Hookon-Device | Droniq
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Shape the future

Our goal is to enable the development of the full potential of unmanned aircraft systems and to set up a central digital platform for UAS services. Founding Droniq is an important first step towards the mobility of the future, but not our last.

UTM Roadmap
UTM Roadmap
UTM Roadmap

Initial provision of service

  • UTM system: Live air traffic display as UTM beta version
  • LTE solution: UAS tracking using hook-on device and ground sensors
  • Data & services: Training & advice for UAS missions

Expansion of service portfolio

  • UTM system: Registration & mission planning
  • LTE solution: Full integration into the aircraft/drone
  • Data & services: Incorporation of drone detection systems

Expansion of mission rangetarget

  • UTM system: Mission clearance & conflict warning
  • LTE solution: Integration of command & control
  • Data & services: Data analytics & insurance

Completely integrated platform solution

  • UTM system: Mission evaluation & documentation
  • LTE solution: Real-time data transfer
  • Data & services: Integration of E-identification broadcast

Use Cases

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Become a partner

You will receive individual advice and tailored solutions. By flying with Droniq, you will become part of the network of the future.

Einsatz von Drohnen bei medizinischen Transportflügen | Droniq

Droniq will support you with your basic setup and the integration of your drones in airspace. We can offer you confidential and professional flight planning, a safe and simple processing of your BVLOS permissions (beyond visual line of sight) and the associated safety/risk assessment (known as a Specific Operations Risk Assessment, SORA). In addition, we train your drone pilots via online training or on site if desired.

Fly drones BVLOS

Ground Based Situational Awareness System - Aufbau der mobilen Verkehrsempfangsstation GBSAS | Droniq

With the UTM service (UAS Traffic Management System) you can plan your mission and check which requirements you might have to meet. During the flight, you can monitor yout multicopter or mini-drone as well as other unmanned and manned flights close by, in real time on the web-based display. Droniq can also provide you with the required infrastructure, consisting of a system of ground sensors and a hook-on device to be mounted on the drone to be able to track your aircraft during flight.

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Become an expert

Did you know that statutory regulations governing drones have been in force since 2017? Every drone pilot with a drone with a take-off weight of more than 2kg requires a drone licence (Drohnenführerschein). Droniq offers the required training courses and tests for your proof of knowledge (Kenntnisnachweis).

If you pass the test, you can use your drone at all times, ivately and commercially.

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UTM-Service: Drohne kann mit in Echtzeit auf dem webbasierten Display verfolgt werden | Droniq

Fly without worries

Do you need support in planning complex or special drone flights? We can provide aviation experts that will offer solutions tailored to your individual needs, ensuring the success of your mission.

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Befliegung des Werksgeländes per Drohne | Droniq
Drohneneinsatz in der Landwirtschaft | Droniq
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