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Qualified at airspace fly


Qualified at airspace fly

Possible uses of drones in agriculture:


André Voigt | Senior Sales Manager
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | vertrieb@droniq.de

Possible uses of drones in agriculture:


André Voigt | Senior Sales Manager
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | vertrieb@droniq.de

Drones are versatile and help businesses perform tasks faster and easier.

Agriculture also benefits from drone use: searching for and rescuing deer crates, monitoring crop stands, or helping with crop protection are just a few examples where the drone can efficiently support processes.

However, as promising as the use of drones is, safe and legally compliant use is often challenging. We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the use of drones for your agricultural business.

What's next?

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YouTuber Reveal Rabbit's test shows how fawns can be saved thanks to thermal imaging cameras.

To make flights even safer, we recommend a small tracking module: the Dronetag can be used to determine the exact position of the drone and display this data in a UAS traffic management system (UTM).

Let's get into a conversation! We are happy to support your drone project!

Droniq stands for visibility and safety in the lower airspace, just like we do at Dronetag. We are very excited about our partnership and proud to support Droniq's unmanned traffic management system with our remote ID solution.

Lukáš Brchl, CEO of Dronetag

When flying in urban areas, there are few things more stressful than an approaching rescue or police helicopter flying low and fast. The aerial situational awareness image provided by Droniq allows such aircraft to be perceived early, allowing you to react without time pressure. A gamechanger for professional and safe drone operations.

Herbert Kratzel,
Head of Technical Building Equipment at AGBnova GmbH

Particularly in areas where mobile coverage is not provided, such as over the sea, alternatives are needed to enable safe drone use. As part of the consortium, we want to use the feasibility study to create the conditions for further expanding drone use in Germany and making it even safer in the future. As Droniq, we are pleased to contribute our expertise in the interplay between unmanned aviation, manned aviation and telecommunications.

Ralph Schepp
COO of Droniq GmbH

With our drone traffic system, we are very well positioned internationally and thus already have a basis for integrating drone airspace. In this way, we enable fast and uncomplicated drone operations. This is an important step in the direction of digital aviation, combined with proven safety.

Friedrich-Wilhelm Menge
Managing Director Technology of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Our goal is to ensure that manned and unmanned air traffic coexist on an equal footing. With the commissioning of the new routes, we are setting the course for the establishment of further BVLOS routes in Germany in the coming year.

Thilo Vogt
Sales & BD Director of Droniq GmbH

The good news is that BOS have recognized drones as an efficient operational tool and are using them in a highly professional manner. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement in this area. With increasing out-of-sight missions, drones will be able to provide support in even more areas. Currently, this application is still considered isolated, but I am sure that this picture will change in the coming years. The technology to carry out such flights safely for all involved is available and has already proven itself.

Jan-Eric Putze
CEO of Droniq GmbH

With Droniq's services, our fixed-wing drones will be able to fully exploit their performance potential for long-range missions and large-scale aerial flights. Droniq thus creates the conditions for using drones efficiently and opening up new markets. We are looking forward to the first projects using the Droniq service.

Michael Schmidt
Managing Director Hanseatic Aviation Solutions

As Droniq, we aim to support commercial and government drone users in all phases of drone flight. Through the interplay of our collaborations, we can now offer everything from a single source: be it the right drone, solutions for safe drone flight, operating licenses or training and testing for remote pilots. This 360-degree approach makes us unique in Germany. At the same time, we are equipped to further support the growth of the drone market.

Jan-Eric Putze
CEO of Droniq GmbH

When we are called out, human lives are often at stake. Every minute counts! Drones help us to deploy personnel and large-scale equipment much more efficiently. As an incident commander, I can use Droniq's aerial situation display to ensure safe flight operations under the toughest conditions, even during large-scale operations and parallel use of helicopters.

Robert Rink
DLRG Lower Saxony, Ref. Ltr. Remote Sensing

Our offer for SAFE drone operations

  • Possible applications of drones

    We show you what is possible with drones, what added value they provide and which regulations must be observed.

  • Consulting

    We advise on the integration of drones into operations, the planning of complex drone flights, prepare risk assessments (SORA) as well as operational concepts (ConOps) and help with correspondence with the relevant authorities as well as approval processes.

  • Traffic integration for drones (UTM)

    Through our innovative hardware and software solutions, we ensure that your drone is visible to surrounding air traffic throughout the entire mission - and that you, too, are always in view of other road users, allowing you to fly safely and in compliance with the law.

  • Drones & Accessories

    Droniq supports you manufacturer-independently in the selection and search for the right drone model for your planned project.

  • Trainings & Exams

    In our Droniq Academy we offer training (theory & practice) as well as examinations to obtain the EU Remote Pilot Certificate.

  • Aerial flights with drones

    If you are looking for remote pilots for your flight project, we will provide you with experienced drone pilots.


We are also happy to support your drone project: Before the flight. During the flight. After the flight.

André Voigt | Senior Sales Manager
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | vertrieb@droniq.de

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