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Improving emergency medical care & critical infrastructure using Advanced Aerial Mobility & new U-Space technologies.

At its core, the SAFIR-Ready research project is about improving emergency medical care and critical infrastructure through the use of Advanced Aerial Mobility and U-Space technologies. By making time critical in urgent situations, SAFIR-Ready leverages the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles to rapidly transport medical supplies and specimens. This acceleration of response time has the potential to save lives.


of new innovative U-Space services in combination with central command and control center.


How transporting medical supplies & specimens via drones can speed up response time.


of USSP Traffic Management (UTM) during test flights in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia.

Project duration

Project start: June 2023
Project end: May 2026

The goal

The project aims to develop new advanced U-Space services along with a central command and control center (C2C) and automated ground integration (Drone Cargo Port - DCP) to facilitate automated, time-critical, drone-based services for medical and non-medical use cases.

Click here for the official project page.

The implementation

Implementation will focus in particular on a dynamic capacity management system (U3), detection and avoidance algorithms (U3), and machine-to-machine communication and decision making (U4).

The project will extend use cases to non-medical critical missions, such as transporting materials from shore to ship and inspecting rail and power grids in the event of unforeseen infrastructure problems (e.g., a tree falling on a high-voltage cable).

Our contribution

Droniq is part of the research project and leads work package 2 "Advanced Holistic U-Space Services". The goal is to build technical capabilities, define the U-Space ecosystem in the U3/U4 domain and develop advanced U-Space services U3/U4.

Droniq takes the role of the USSP in Germany (Braunschweig) and the Netherlands (Heerlen-Sittard) in the demonstrations, using their U-Space UTM.

Project partner







TU Delft






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