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5G: City. Country. Save lives

Improving the rescue chain using 5G mobile technology

5G: City. Country. Saving Lives is a BMDV-sponsored funding project that focuses on further improving the rescue chain with the help of the new 5G mobile communications technology. From emergency calls to first aid to the work of the emergency services. The potential users are the citizens who benefit from a more effective rescue operation. More effective means more targeted and faster. After all, the emergency services that are alerted also benefit from an improved supply of information.


how the rescue chain can be improved using 5G mobile technology


various use cases from emergency calls to first aid to the work of the emergency services


Of the use of drones by delivering first aid materials to shorten the therapy-free interval.

Project duration

Project start: in 2022 Project end: until 2024

Project website

Further information on the 5G project: City. Country. Save Lives is available here:

The goal

The project investigates ways to improve the protection and rescue of people. The aim is to strengthen the individual links in the rescue chain and to create as seamless a transition as possible between them. The concrete applications required for this will be developed in interviews with experts, first responders, and technology and network providers.

The testing of the technologies will be closely monitored by the task forces in the project area at the level of Baden-Württemberg (Ulm and Alb-Donau district) and Bavaria (Neu-Ulm), so that the link to practice is ensured at all times.  

The concepts to be developed start before and after the arrival of the rescue forces, i.e. the affected emergency patient, the person reporting an emergency call or the first responder. Emergency responders benefit at the following points: Control centers, managers of the emergency organizations and the rescue forces (fire department and rescue service) themselves.

The innovations are tested and their suitability validated in deployment simulations. The perspective of the first responders is ensured through the involvement of test persons.

In addition, a group of experts accompanies the research project, advising the project partners and ensuring that the tested applications can be used beyond the project region.

More information on 5G: City. Country. Save lives. is available on the following project website:

The implementation

During the three-year project phase, the following use cases will be implemented for the Ulm innovation region:

  • Emergency call: Optimization of the initial deployment of forces by improving the situation assessment in the control center using live video images and overcoming the language barrier.
  • First aid: shortening the therapy-free interval by delivering the required first aid material with highly automated drones.
  • Emergency forces: Optimization of situation assessment in complex emergency situations (hazardous substances or smoke gas spread, heavy rain events, major events) as well as the protection of emergency forces

Our contribution

Droniq supports the project with software and hardware solutions to show on the one hand the visibility of the deployed drones using transponder technology for manned aviation.

On the other hand, a combined live air situation display is generated to monitor and control both manned and unmanned air traffic.

In addition, Droniq contributes greatly through consulting services such as operational concepts (ConOps) and risk analysis (SORA) to get the project or operations using drones approved by the state aviation authorities.

Project partner











Local authorities


City UlM

County NEW-ULM

Funding source

More news about the project: 5G. City. Country. Save lives.

Products used

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