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Advanced Air Mobility Initiative Northwest Germany & German Bight (AAM-NW)

Creation of a coordinated airspace for manned and unmanned aviation

In Germany, not all interest groups are usually involved in U-Space projects. The Advanced Air Mobility Initiative Northwest Germany and German Bight (AAM-NW) & Drone Control Center Bremen aims to change this in the future. According to the Implementing Regulation EU DVO 2021/664, an orderly and coordinated use of airspace - both manned and unmanned aviation - is to be created.


how an integrative airspace for manned and unmanned aviation can be created.


of air routes connecting the following locations: Helgoland, Oldenburg-Hatten and Cuxhaven.


an infrastructure for defined UAS routes including the definition of operating & process standards.

Project duration

The project is currently still in the planning phase.

The goal

The Project Advanced Air Mobility Initiative Northwest Germany and German Bight (AAM-NW) & Drone Control Center Bremen is a project supported by Aviaspace Bremen e.V. In based on the U-Space concepts, it aims to create an integrative airspace that will successively establish airspace structures for manned and unmanned aviation.

For this purpose, interfaces between civil and military applications in the air as well as maritime activities in the German Bight must be defined.

Taking into account all relevant airspace users, the goal is to simplify and automate drone operations in coordination to ultimately increase safety.

The implementation

To realize the project, the following target topics are in focus:

  • Successive development of airspace structures with a focus on simplified coordination
  • Automation of flight and flight approval procedures
  • Increase safety
  • Consideration of all relevant aviation users

As part of the project, a steering committee will be created, consisting of the following companies: b.r.m. IT & Aerospace, Droniq, Fraunhofer IFAM, OptoPrecision and the Oldenburg-Hatten airfield. The project is supported by AVIASPACE Bremen e.V..

Furthermore, nearly 200 stakeholders are already involved and will be involved cooperatively in the future project framework.

Our contribution

As part of the steering committee, Droniq is significantly involved in the planning of the project.

Droniq provides expertise from the aviation, telecommunications and drone industries.

One of the main tasks will be the conception of airspace illumination over the German Bight. In addition, Droniq will be involved in further work packages.

Project partner




Supported by...

Aviaspace Bremen e.V.

Products used

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