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EUREKA (EUropean Key solutions for vertiports and UAM)

Design of approach and departure procedures at vertiports as well as processes on the ground and in the air.

Specific research needs were identified as part of the HORIZON funding line. One objective is the promotion of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and the further development of U-Space legislation. The EUREKA (EUropean Key solutions for vertiports and UAM) project focuses in particular on establishing procedures for vertiports.

EUREKA is therefore concerned with the design of approach and departure procedures at vertiports as well as the processes for circulation on the ground and in the airspace. The project aims to create a template that EU member states can use to integrate and enable UAM procedures into their national legislation. As part of a U-Space project, it will also investigate how U-Space services can be used in the area of UAM to support air traffic.


and design of approach and departure procedures at Vertiports.


of a blueprint for how EU members can integrate UAM procedures nationally.


of how U-Space services can be used in the UAM sector.

Project duration

Project start: May 2023
Project end: April 2026

The goal

The EUREKA project aims to completely revise the existing concept strategy for U-Space and UAM. Processes and tools are also to be integrated to enable the use of eVTOLs and vertiports. Specifically, a template is to be developed that can be used by European member states to integrate vertiports and UAMs.

The implementation

In EUREKA, four solutions are being pursued which together are intended to cover the entire approach, departure and circulation process of Vertiports. These include in detail:

  1. Arrival and departure from a vertiport including route and trajectory
  2. Vertiport collaborative traffic management
  3. Disruption and emergency management
  4. Vertiport Network Flow, Capacity & Operational Management

Our contribution

In the role of USSP, Droniq supports the above solution approaches 1 and 3, providing not only the UTM system, but also airspace sensing hardware and extensive expertise and experience in U-Space and operational deployments. In addition, we are active in work packages dealing with the communication of project progress, the integration of the four solutions and regulatory adjustments.

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