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Planning of the first Bavarian U-Space

The AMIUS (Air Mobility Initiative U-Space) project is establishing the first integrated Bavarian U-Space as its overarching goal. AMIUS is part of the Air Mobility Initiative (AMI), which is funded by the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Republic of Germany and initiates a number of research projects.

AMIUS investigates how a U-Space based on digital services can integrate today's air traffic, including its processes and technologies, with future deployment scenarios of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) and eVTOLs (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft) in a common airspace.

To this end, the required air traffic management functionalities for safe, integrated and efficient operations, through the U-Space services defined by EASA (Network Identification Service, Geo-Sensitization Service, UAS Flight Authorization Service and Traffic Information Service) will be provided and demonstrated.


how unmanned and manned air traffic can be integrated in a common airspace


and construction of the first Bavarian U-Space


as well as technical implementation of a U-Space demonstrator using a UTM system

Project duration

Project start: January 2022 Project end: December 2024

The goal

In order to guarantee the safe and efficient integrated operation of UAS, eVTOLs and general aviation in the future, new types of traffic concepts are required. The existing airspace management must be supplemented by an integrated UTM and thus expanded by the dimension of the previously uncontrolled airspace.

The AMIUS project continues to investigate how the data flow between the participating airspace users and the storage of relevant data can be secured against unauthorized external interference by various measures.

AMIUS is part of the AMI initiative (Air Mobility Initiative).

The implementation

To this end, Airbus Urban Mobility (AUM) will work with the project partners to carry out the holistic construction of a functional U-Space demonstrator with various components. The focus is on the design and technical implementation of the demonstrator using a UTM system and suitable ground infrastructures, supplemented by innovative communication technologies and a central control station.

Based on these digital services, flights within the Manching control zone, for example from the Drone Center to Ingolstadt Central Station, are planned as concrete use cases. These practical demonstrations will be supported by corresponding scientific model-based preliminary investigations, multimodal simulations with different traffic systems, feasibility studies as well as cost analyses by the participating universities.

Our contribution

As part of the AMIUS project, Droniq is building a U-Space environment around Manching and Ingolstadt.

With the UAS Traffic Management System (UTM), Droniq provides all necessary U-Space services (Network Identification Service, Geo-awareness Service, UAS Flight Authorization Service, Traffic Management Service) for the demonstration flights from Ingolstadt and Manching.

Project partner



F.u.n.k.e. AVIONICS

University of the BuNdeswehr Munich (Unibwm)

TEchnical University of Munich (TUM)

APSYS RISK Engineering GmbH




Funding source

Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs,
State Development and Energy

Products used

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