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flyDMFV App

The flyDMFV app brings model flight safely to the smartphone:
Starting with the activation and deactivation of model flight areas and flights outside of them, to the determination of the flight director, application and approval of guest flight rights, to the storage of digital proof, such as proof of insurance and knowledge, the flyDMFV app offers the complete package of all functions needed for model flight. 

In addition, it makes areas in the airspace where model aircraft fly outside marked model flight areas visible to other airspace participants for the first time.

The app was developed by Droniq for the German Model Aviation Association (DMFV).

Making model flight visible

The flyDMFV app can make the flight space around an active model airfield or around the location of a model pilot in the open field visible to other air traffic participants for the first time. The airspace used is transmitted to Droniq's traffic management (UTM) with the app. In the process, the pilot determines the planned altitude and distance himself within the legal limits.

In the live air situation, users of the Droniq traffic management system can thereby see not only manned and unmanned air traffic, but also the locations where model flying is taking place. This makes the flyDMFV app the first application to make model flight visible to other air traffic participants. In view of the continuously increasing air traffic in the lower, near-ground airspace, the app thus sets the course for continued safe model flight.

High degree of

Thanks to high automation, one click is enough to register the flight without entering any data. The data is stored in a personal flight log, and when using a model flight site also in the logbook of the club.

The storage takes place only within the legally prescribed framework. After the retention period, the data is automatically deleted. In addition, the flyDMFV app only requests the data that is absolutely necessary and thus follows the principle of data economy.

Simply document flights

The flyDMFV app simplifies flight documentation. Instead of manually entering the required information in a flight log, model airplane pilots can now do so conveniently via app, eliminating the need for an infrastructure to file a flight log.

The data is available to them and operators of model flight sites at any time and can be exported as a pdf document. If desired, the app also uses the GPS positioning of the smartphone to determine the position of the model aircraft pilot.

If the pilot ends his model flight and moves away from the terrain, the app automatically logs him out.

Flying on the green

To ensure that flights can also take place safely outside model flight areas, the app has a connection to the digital platform for unmanned aviation (dipul) of the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). This informs pilots in which areas model flying can take place.

For whom?

Hobby and recreational pilots
but also model flight clubs

Where usable?


How available?

App Store & Google Play Store

Features of the flyDMFV app at a glance

  • Digitization of documents

    For legal reasons, model airplane pilots had to carry proofs such as membership card, proof of knowledge, controller card, equipment inspection certificate or noise pass. These can now be conveniently uploaded to the flyDMFV app and are thus legally documented and always at hand.

  • Search & status of model airplane sites

    The app displays all model airfields registered with the DMFV. Further sites will be added as soon as they are reported to the DMFV. Each site is stored with the club name and a contact person.

  • Current weather

    In the map overview, local weather data (cloud cover, temperature, wind speed, wind direction) are displayed to the model aircraft pilot.

  • Activate & deactivate model flight area

    The model flight pilot can activate the model flight area of his club by pressing the button "Fly now". By "Land now" the flight is finished and logged. At the same time, the model flight area is deactivated if you are the last pilot.

  • Request guest flying rights

    The application for guest flying rights is possible in advance via the index card of the model flying site or via QR code directly from the app of a club member.

  • Rule-compliant flight controller deployment

    The flyDMFV app informs the model pilot about the locally applicable rules, such as the individual flight regulations of the club. It also automatically indicates from how many pilots onwards a flight director must be deployed. Registration for guest pilots is also easy to perform. 

  • Connection to the dipul

    The flyDMFV app is connected to dipul (Digital Platform Unmanned Aviation). In the map view at the bottom left, it is possible to switch between the flyDMFV map and the dipul map, so that you can see at a glance whether a greenfield flight is possible. A validation against prohibited zones does not take place.

  • Exportable logbook

    The logbook contains an overview of flights already made (date, time and location), which can be exported as a pdf file. Flights "On the green meadow" as well as flights on a model airfield are entered in the logbook.  

  • Backend for administration of model flight clubs

    Furthermore, the flyDMFV app has a backend that is only enabled for responsible persons of model flight clubs. Functions such as setting up model flight sites, managing members and guest flight applications are possible via the backend.

Frequently asked questions about the flyDMFV app

With the app you can search for model flight sites on the map, view the status of model flight sites or activate and deactivate model flight sites. Furthermore, it is possible to fly on a model flight site as a guest. 

Another feature is that you can call up possible flight restrictions in advance for flights outside of designated "greenfield" model flight areas.  

A logbook is available within the flyDMFV app to document the flights. The logbook can be exported as a pdf file.

Furthermore, the flyDMFV app has a backend that is only enabled for responsible persons of model flight clubs. Functions such as setting up model flight sites, managing members and guest flight applications are possible via the backend.

In order to use all functions, registration is necessary.

The app was developed for hobby and recreational pilots from the model flight, but is also an ideal tool for the digitalization of the model flight club through numerous additional features such as logbook function, activation of model flight sites, allocation of guest flight rights, management of members.

The app was programmed exclusively for use in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The flyDMFV app has been available for iOS and Android devices since mid-October 2023. It can be obtained free of charge from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

On the flyDMFV page we answer general questions about the initial registration, explain the app functions and have listed FAQs.

Click here for the information.

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