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Press Release

Droniq shows next step in development of industrial drone use

22.05.2023 | Frankfurt
Droniq GmbH has received Europe's first operating license for the DJI Dock drone-in-a-box system. With this, Droniq sets the course to enable industrial and BOS customers automated drone operations in the future.

Press Release

Droniq enters into new sales cooperation agreements
and expands its portfolio of offerings

12.01.2023 | Frankfurt
Droniq GmbH has entered into sales cooperation agreements with the companies Globe-Flight, Dronetag, uAvionix and Aviationexam. Among other things, this expands Droniq's offering for industrial and government customers.
Press Release

BOS forces make greater use of drones
- despite low budget in some cases

14.07.2022 | Frankfurt
Drones are standard equipment for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). However, many have less than €5,000 available per year to invest in them. Moreover, the full potential of the drone is often not yet exploited. These are the findings of the new BOS survey conducted by Droniq GmbH and Berliner Behördenspiegel, in which 197 BOS forces across Germany took part.
Droniq in the media

How 5G is expanding the areas of application for drones

05.08.2022 | Frankfurt
Drones can be controlled via 5G and thus also from great distances. This opens up new areas of application, but there are still hurdles.

Droniq in the media

Artificial intelligence in the drone market

July 2022 | Frankfurt
The use of artificial intelligence in air traffic management for drones must be carefully prepared and analyzed. Droniq shows why extensive experience still needs to be gained before it can be used in aviation.

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DRONIQlive: What will drive the drone market in 2024?

The end of the year is just around the corner - and with it the last episode of our DRONIQlive webinar in 2023.

Together with you, we will look towards 2024 and talk about what will move the drone market in the coming year: What will change for the use of drones in 2024? Can I still fly my drone without a C classification? What does the LBA say about operating licenses?

In our next episode of DRONIQlive, we talk to Florian Vogt (Bremen State Aviation Authority), Dr. Falk Götten (LBA) and Jörg Schamuhn (UAV Dach) about these topics.