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Cottbus Neuhausen

Upgrading the Cottbus/Neuhausen airfield (EDAP) - concept for drone operations beyond visual range

The Cottbus Neuhausen airfield is being developed into a modern aviation-related business location. This includes paving and lighting the runway, taxiways and apron. The site will be equipped with charging infrastructure for electric aircraft and a 5G campus network. In addition, the operation of unmanned aerial systems within a radius of 10 km is to be integrated into regular flight operations. The municipality of Neuhausen/Spree is aiming to introduce integrative operations beyond visual line of sight of the remote pilot (BVLOS) in accordance with EU Regulation 2021/664. This requires the creation of a comprehensive operational concept that covers all technical, organizational and safety-relevant aspects and meets the requirements of the regulation as well as the standards of the responsible aviation authority.


of the Cottbus Neuhausen airfield (EDAP) by means of BVLOS drone operations


an operating concept for the safe regular operation of drones weighing up to 100 kg within a radius of 10 km.


of the permit and the accompanying certification with the responsible aviation authority.

Project duration

Project start: May 2024
End of project: October 2024

The goal

The aim of the project is to develop an operational concept for BVLOS operations around the Cottbus Neuhausen airfield (EDAP) that can be approved. The concept is to define technical, organizational and safety-related prerequisites as well as hardware and software requirements for the safe and efficient operation of UAS. The main take-off and landing point is the Cottbus Neuhausen airfield, using existing flight operations facilities (integrative approach). Operations are to be guaranteed by a future U-Space Service Provider (USSP).

The implementation

In order to achieve the project objective, a BVLOS operating concept must be developed for the Cottbus Neuhausen airfield (10 km radius) that meets the requirements of the LuftVG, LuftVO and EU Regulation 2019/947. UAS up to 100 kg are to be integrated. The following points must be observed:

  • Air traffic coordination: measures for air traffic management and collision avoidance, interaction with air traffic services, manned aircraft, and emergency situations.
  • Technical requirements: Definition of hardware and software requirements, communication systems, flight monitoring, collision avoidance and data processing.
  • Security measures: Data protection and security protocols, risk assessment and countermeasures.
  • Implementation: Detailed schedule for implementation and testing.

Our contribution

Droniq supports the project by creating a comprehensive operating concept for BVLOS operations. This includes determining the technical requirements (hardware and software), developing safety guidelines and emergency plans, preparing the necessary safety certificates and carrying out a test operation.
Furthermore, all the necessary documents for the permit application are prepared and the approval with the responsible aviation authority is accompanied.

Project partner

AEF - Autonomous Electric Flying


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