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Remote Pilot Certificate A2 & BOS Knowledge for Remote Pilots

Traffic management for drones

Ping200X TSO + TruFYX Bundle

Control element for the ping200X transponder

Traffic management for drones

Ping200X TSO + TruFYX Bundle

Control element for the ping200X transponder

Certified Mode-S transponder for UAS operation, enabling drone detection by a secondary radar, TCAS & ADS-B receiver.

Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de
Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de

Product features

Sale possible only to traders
52 gram
47 x 72 x 10 mm
Operating temperature
-45° C to 70° C
Shipping weight
0,35 kg


  • Certified Mode-S transponder for drone operation.
  • Enables drone operation e.g. in control zones.
  • Makes drones visible to secondary radar, TCAS and ADS-B receivers.
  • Compatible with many autopilots.

Intended use

Developed by UAvionix, the Ping200XR is a Mode S ADS-B transponder and enables your drone to be detected by a secondary radar (SSR), traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) and ADS-B in-receiver. It is the first FAA TSO certified Mode S ADS-B transponder and thus accepted by regulatory agencies as well as air navigation service providers (ANSP), making the transponder ideally suited for industrial UAS drone operations.

TruFYX is the world's first Technical Standard Orders (TSO) certified SBAS Global Positioning System (GPS) designed specifically for UAS autopilots as well as ADS-B Out solutions.

Scope of delivery

Ping200X TSO certified transponder is delivered without connector, antenna, antenna cable or USB adapter / cable. The software for configuration can be downloaded from the uAvionix website. Instructions for this are included with the transponder.

The TruFYX TSO certified GPS source for ping200X is also shipped without connector.

We would like to inform you that the product is intended for commercial users only.

Technical data

Hardwareping200X TSOtruFYX
Input voltage11-34V (3S-8S LiPo)
1.5W Continuous On/Off.
4W peak (maximum 8ms)
5.5-31V, 0.5 W
Size47 x 72 x 10 mm47.37 x 8.21 mm
Weight52 gram40 gram
Operating temperature-45 to 70°C
Transponderping200X TSOtruFYX
MTL 1030MHz-74dBm ±3dB-
1090 Transmitting power250W Nominal-
Position receiverping200X TSOtruFYX
GPS L1C/A with SBAS12 GPS channels
3 SBAS channels
12 GPS channels
3 SBAS channels
HPA / VPA5m / 7m5 m / 7 m
Speed accuracy3 m/s3 m/s
Time accuracy30 ns30 ns
Update rate5 Hz5 Hz
Detection sensitivity-148 dBm-
Tracking sensitivity-167 dBm-
Approach capability-LNAV
Altimeterping200X TSOtruFYX
Area-1000 to 35,000ft-
Interfacesping200X TSOtruFYX
ControlBaud rate 200-2Mbps
Protocol GDL90+
LocationBaud rate 115200bps
Protocol uAvionix OEM protocol
Options1030/1090MHz transponder antenna-
Protocol-NMEA 0183 + RAIM or
Time Pulse-RS-232, 1pps
Sensitivityping200X TSOtruFYX
Capture--148 dBm
Tracking--167 dBm

Product note

We would like to point out that the product is intended for commercial users only.

Product features

  • Efficient and powerful
    PING 200X TSO
    The compact and lightweight ping200X is a Level 2, Class 1 transponder small enough to be mounted in UAS. Weighing only 50 grams, the ping200X transponder has tremendous performance while consuming only 1.5 watts.
  • End-to-end integrity

    PING 200X TSO
    In combination, ping200X and truFYX SBAS GPS meet the requirements of globally controlled airspace and provide Air Traffic Control (ATC) with reliable information data. Source Integrity Level (SIL) 3 GPS guarantees visibility to certified avionics in other aircraft as well as to ATC.

  • Autopilot control or payload operation
    PING 200X TSO
    Integrating the ping200X with your autopilot allows remote control directly from your ground control station (GCS). Alternatively, it can be operated independently as a payload with the uAvionix mini-controller. The serial control protocol is based on industry standards and provides broad autopilot support.
  • Compact and lightweight
    The truFYX integrates the GPS receiver and antenna in a small waterproof housing with 24mm diameter and only 20 g weight.
  • Use as primary position source
    Minimize the number of GPS units on board, because truFYX can be used as the primary position source for your autopilot and ADS-B solution.

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André Voigt, Senior Sales Manager
Phone +49 69 509 547 400 | vertrieb@droniq.de

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