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Remote Pilot Certificate A2 & BOS Knowledge for Remote Pilots

Trainings & Exams

Remote pilot certificate A2: Business package

Company package for the acquisition of the EU Remote Pilot Certificate / Drone Pilot License for the open operating category - subcategory A2.

Trainings & Exams

Remote pilot certificate A2: Business package

Company package for the acquisition of the EU Remote Pilot Certificate / Drone Pilot License for the open operating category - subcategory A2.

Our business package consisting of e-learning, classroom training and examination is the ideal training package for companies wishing to train their employees as subcategory A2 remote pilots.


Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de
Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de

Product features

Sale possible only to traders
Training duration
E-learning: 8-10 h, training: 2.5-4 h, opt. practice training
Examination locations
In agreement
Learning method
E-learning, presence, optional: practice
Exam type
Minimum age
16 years
Exam duration
60 min
Testing method
Computer based


  • Training program geared towards companies & larger groups.
  • 4-hour classroom training, in which the participants are taught the complete knowledge.
  • Face-to-face exam is conducted on laptops using the latest exam software.
  • Successfully passed examinations are sent directly to the LBA for issuance of the A2 Remote Pilot Certificate.
  • Learn for your drone license in advance at your own pace, independent of time and place, with e-learning.
  • Exam dates by arrangement.
  • Training courses and examinations are available in our own premises for groups of 10 or more participants.
  • Developed by experienced drone pilots & flight instructors.
  • Optional: practical training for different levels of difficulty, performance groups & deployment scenarios


The Droniq Academy is a testing center (DE.PStF.035) recognized by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) for the acquisition of the A2 remote pilot certificate. For optimal preparation for the exam, we offer a training program tailored to it.

We offer companies and larger groups the option of conducting classroom training and testing on their own premises as well and, as far as possible, customizing these to meet the company's individual needs. With the mix of modern e-learning / online training for the A2 remote pilot certificate for individual preparation and individual classroom training with experienced instructors, the future remote pilots are optimally prepared for the subsequent classroom examination.

The Business Package A2 starts with an approx. 4-hour classroom training, in which the participants are taught the complete knowledge and open questions can be answered directly.

Immediately following the presence examination takes place using tablet PCs. The exam to acquire the EU A2 pilot certificate consists of a total of 30 questions and is successfully passed if at least 75 percent of the 30 exam questions, across all topics, are answered correctly. Applicants who have successfully passed the exam will be forwarded directly to the German Federal Aviation Authority for the issuance of the EU Pilot Certificate A2.

Perfect complement: Optionally, we also offer various practical trainings (Start-Up, Basic, Advanced, Premium) for different levels of difficulty, performance groups and operational scenarios, so that you can always fly your drones professionally and safely.

Contents at a glance

  • Meteorology (e.g. introduction, weather influences, wind, temperature, visibility, air density, weather forecasts)
  • UAS flight performance (including typical operating ranges, mass, balance, center of gravity location, influence of payloads, securing payloads, knowledge of battery/battery modes of operation, avoiding unsafe conditions,
  • Technical and operational mitigation of risks on the ground (including slow flight mode, estimation of distances, 1:1 rule).

Admission to the exam

  • EU Certificate of Competence for Remote Pilots (A1/A3)
  • Statement of practical self-study in accordance with UAS.OPEN.040 or evidence of practical training at a PStF.
  • Minimum age 16 years (if you are a minor, you must have the written consent of the legal representatives (informally or alternatively on a form that you will receive from us).
  • Presentation of a valid proof of identity (identity card or passport)
  • All documents must be available on the day of the examination at the latest, otherwise we will unfortunately not be able to admit you to the examination.


System requirements of the online training

  • PC: Windows, Mac OS
  • Tablet/Smartphone: Windows, iOS, Android
  • Internet access: DSL or LTE
  • Internet browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Apple Safari

Most current end devices and connections already have these requirements as standard, so no special technical means are necessary.

Scope of delivery

  • Online training Remote Pilot Certificate A2 of the Droniq Academy: Training duration approx. 8-10 h
  • Presence training remote pilot certificate A2: 2.5 - 4 h
  • Presence exam remote pilot certificate A2: 45 min
  • Optional: Practical training (Start-Up, Basic, Advance, Premium)

Depending on the number of participants (min. 10 persons), the classroom training including examination can also take place at your premises.

The issuance, renewal and amendment of the certificates are subject to fees. For the issuance of a remote pilot certificate A2 for the operating category "open", the LBA charges fees in the amount of 30.00 EUR.

Product features of the Droniq Academy e-learning platform

  • Practice-oriented teaching material

    We emphasize hands-on learning with clear illustrations and explanations.

  • Learn independent of time and place

    In our Droniq Academy you can learn at your own pace around the clock, independent of time and place.

  • Mobile optimization

    Our e-learning platform is optimized for smartphones, tablets and also PCs, so you can access the Droniq Academy and your booked courses on your devices at any time.

  • Learning objective checks close knowledge gaps

    Learning objective checks at the end of a chapter show the learner possible gaps in knowledge and offer the opportunity to work on specific learning content again.

  • Test examination over all learning areas

    At the end of the online training there is the possibility to test the acquired knowledge again over all learning areas. In this way, you can prepare ideally for the exam for the drone driver's license with free time management.

  • Developed by experts

    Our Aviation Consultants are true professionals in their field. They are trained flight instructors, drone and commercial pilots and have a comprehensive overview of the entire subject.

  • Certified test center

    Droniq has been designated by the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics as a testing center for remote pilots in Germany (DE.PStF.035).

Our competences


Training content developed by trained flight instructors, drone and commercial pilots.


Over 3,500 successful trainings, exams & e-learnings.


More than 100 years of know-how in aviation & telecommunications.


Droniq is a recognized testing center for remote pilots: DE.PStf.035.

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Harry Lemke, Senior Aviation Manager
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | vertrieb@droniq.de

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