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Management software for drone operators



Management software for drone operators

With Fleetplan, you can quickly and easily organize your UAS operations in a single web-based platform.

Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de
Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de

Product features

User license
Single user license


  • Cloud based solution as Software as a Service, no software installation required.
  • Meets regulatory requirements for a management system for UAS operators.
  • Automatically notify users when documents are updated with read tracking.
  • Quick and easy overview of valid licenses, trainings etc.
  • Comprehensive compliance monitoring for LUC holders.
  • Assist in the conduct of audits.

Intended use

With Fleetplan, you can quickly and easily organize your UAS operations in a single web-based platform. This gives the drone operator control over the drone fleet, remote pilots, and document management at all times, as everything is fully networked. All this happens in compliance with all regulations including audit-proof documentation.

Scope of delivery

Access to the software is transmitted digitally to the user. In addition to the software, we offer instruction in the system (digital or on-site).

System requirements

  • PC: Windows, Mac OS
  • Tablet/Smartphone: Windows, iOS, Android
  • Internet access: DSL or LTE
  • Internet browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Apple Safari

Most current end devices and connections already have these requirements as standard, so no special technical means are necessary.

Product Features

  • Digital Cloud Workplace

    Fleetplan is managed in the cloud. This means that growth, including scaling, is possible at any time. Upgrades are immediately available as soon as they become available. There is no need to install the software, Fleetplan can be started with any common internet browser.

  • Data networking & task automation

    Because all data is networked and can be accessed at any time, Fleetplan reduces manual data entry. Legal regulations, for example, only need to be uploaded once and can be linked at any time for compliance monitoring with the manuals created in Fleetplan, e.g. ConOps.

  • Agile collaboration & transparent communication

    Since all employees work on the same digital platform, information can be found, changed and exchanged quickly. This is all made possible by a well thought-out role and authorization concept, including a multi-stage approval process.

  • Digital manuals

    Creation, modification and publication of operating manuals (e.g. ConOps,...) including revision, distribution as well as reading tracking, automated notification and reminder service, exchange between operator and drone pilot as well as authors or editors possible at any time via controlled documents, history as well as comparison of changes.

  • Drone fleet management

    Aircraft management, digital logbook, resource booking via calendar, maintenance recording, keeping operational lists, management and real-time validation of flight and duty times, comments, distribution of tasks, real-time notifications.

  • UAS crew management

    Maintenance of UAS flight crew master data (e.g. remote pilots, maintenance personnel) flight and duty times, digital logbook for remote pilots, monitoring of licenses and authorizations, synchronization with mobile devices including scanning of documents).

Our competences


Over 30 successful operating licenses for BOS & industry.

Full Service

Droniq supports BOS & industry in all phases of drone operations.


More than 30 years of know-how in aviation & telecommunications.


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Alexander Tummes, Senior Aviation Manager
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | vertrieb@droniq.de

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