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SAFIR-Ready: Project Kickoff

Project SAFIR-Ready - Kickoff
Last week, coordinator Helicus hosted the official hybrid kick-off meeting of the SAFIRready project in Antwerp. SAFIR-Ready the successor project to SAFIRmed and aims to reduce response times, costs and CO2 emissions in the healthcare sector through the use of drones. The top mission here is to establish a fast-track permission to fly BVLOS drone flights and thus overcome regulatory challenges.
Droniq supports the project team with its expertise as a U-Space Service Provider (USSP), thus coordinating unmanned air traffic in U-Space and being responsible for its safety.
Project partners:
Aerocom Belgium, AgentFly Technologies, Airial Robotics, ANRA Technologies, Avercon, Avy, Cranfield University, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Droniq GmbH, EHang (NASDAQ: EH), Estonian Aviation Academy, FLYING-CAM, Flyvercity, Frequentis, Helicus, Hepta Airborne, HUSI (Hellenic U-Space Institute), HyFly - Hydrogen Powered VTOL Drone, ifly, INVOLI, Koninklijke Militaire School, KPMG, Egis, LuxMobility , MANTA Aircraft, NSX - Normalized Systems, RigiTech, SABCA, SafeSky, Safran, SKYCORP, SkyeBase, Delft University of Technology, UZA
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Table of Contents

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