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Remote Pilot Certificate A2 & BOS Knowledge for Remote Pilots

Product development

App for the rescue flight "BOS Radar"

Development of a digital application for visualizing rescue flights

When the rescue helicopter takes off, drones have to take evasive action in good time. In practice, this is difficult. The helicopters are not always visible and their flight routes are unknown. A safety problem for both sides.


the first BOS radar app for visualizing rescue flights.


of the rescue missions in real time including planned route segments.


of safety corridors around rescue flights incl. warning of surrounding air traffic.

Project duration

Project start: Fall 2023
Project end: Summer 2024

The goal

To solve the problem, Droniq, the non-profit ADAC Luftrettung and rescuetrack are developing Germany's first digital application for visualizing rescue flights. The digital application "BOS Radar" will be available as an app in the Apple and Google Play Store.  

The implementation

The digital application is based on Droniq's traffic management system (UTM). This displays active rescue missions in real time - including the planned route section. The information for this is transmitted by rescuetrack.

Drone pilots who are in the planned route section with their drone are warned in good time via the Droniq UTM. This enables them to take evasive action or make an intermediate landing in good time. At the same time, a virtual safety corridor is set up around the planned route of the rescue helicopters in the UTM and displayed to the users. They can take the planned rescue route into account accordingly in their flights. In addition, the information on drone traffic can be passed on to rescuetrack via the UTM and thus made available to the rescue units as needed.

Our contribution

Droniq is part of the project team and provides market expertise as well as traffic management (UTM) including all information on unmanned air traffic. Furthermore, it supports with technical expertise.

Project partner




Voices about the project

Time and again, we experience private, commercial or government drones unintentionally approaching our rescue helicopters. All the more reason for us to look forward to solving this challenge with our platform.

Dr. Philip Edelmann
Pilot and Head of Flight Operations at ADAC Luftrettung

With the current project, the DFS subsidiary Droniq is further expanding its position as a leading specialist in the use of drones by public authorities. Furthermore, the platform marks the missing building block for Droniq to make really all air traffic participants visible in the near-ground airspace in the future.

Arndt Schoenemann
CEO of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

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