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mFUND Project: SkyTRACKplus

The mFUND project SkyTRACKplus pursues the goal of a plannable, weather-robust mixed flight operation of manned and unmanned aviation. For this purpose, the two NRW innovation airports of Mönchengladbach and Paderborn are being linked for the first time with a stopover in rural areas.

We support the project with our UTM traffic management system for drones including technology and thus enable a combined live air situation picture from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. The largest project task on the part of Droniq is the creation of an operational concept including risk analysis (SORA and ConOps). We are also working together with DFS Aviation Services GmbH on the procedure for air traffic control clearance.

Around 30 participants from 16 aviation-related organizations came together for the kickoff, most of them on site at Mönchengladbach Airport.

We are looking forward to the exciting tasks in cooperation with the project partners and stakeholders involved.

Project partners and stakeholders:
Mönchengladbach Airport | PAD Innovation Airport | Droniq GmbH | FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences | Germandrones GmbH | DFS Aviation Services GmbH

Table of contents

Table of Contents

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