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Project CORUS-XUAM: Flight event

At the end of November, live demonstration flights took place at the National Test Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) at Magdeburg-Cochstedt Airport as part of the CORUS-XUAM project.
In cooperation with the project partners from research and innovation in aviation, live flight testing of flight cab use cases has been successfully carried out under the eyes of guests from industry, administration and the press. 
CORUS-XUAM - Live Air Taxi Test Flights CORUS XUAM | Live Air Taxi Test Flights - TrackViewer 
After the demonstration flights, there was the opportunity to get to know the project partners and their systems involved in the demo better at their "market booths" - Droniq was also represented with a booth. Our COO Ralph Schepp, Ben Briggmann, Fynn Klaaßen, Nicolas Koch, Nora Metzner, Christoph Stolle & Thilo Vogt were together on site and had many interesting conversations there.
In addition, there were many exciting technical papers on the project, the demo and the topic of UAM. In addition, a panel discussion took place, where one could gain further interesting insights into the opportunities, challenges and next steps in the field of UAM.
 CORUS-XUAM is a 2-year demonstration project. It aims to demonstrate how U-Space services and solutions can support the integrated flight operations of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Droniq is leading the work package 7 "Very Large Demonstration Germany & UK" and is developing together with the partners DFS German Air Traffic Control, German Aerospace Center (DLR), NATS and Volocopter demonstrating use cases for air taxi flights between Frankfurt Airport and Messe Frankfurt and in London airspace.
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