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Rapid assistance by drone - Droniq and Eviden test automated drone deployment

Paderborn / Frankfurt, 23.11.2023 - Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport has underlined its position as an innovative airport by testing an automated drone operation. The companies Droniq and Eviden have now carried out a test mission at the airport that simulated the automated drone inspection of a car fire, including the search for people using a thermal imaging camera. Paderborn wants to be the first district in the whole of Germany to establish automated drone systems for emergency operations.

"The current strategy of equipping every emergency vehicle with a drone is not optimal from an economic and time perspective. That's why we are working together on an automated flying drone that will enable rapid assistance, particularly at locations that are difficult to access," explains District Administrator Christoph Rüther, who is driving the innovation airport forward as Chairman of the Airport Supervisory Board.

In an automated drone deployment, the drone flies to the deployment site independently and receives the deployment command from a control center. A pilot who sets up and controls the drone at the deployment site is no longer necessary. The drone can be charged and kept ready for operation in a "drone garage" so that it is ready to take off at any time. When a mission command is given, the weatherproof station opens and the drone flies its route before returning there. The drone is integrated into air traffic via a transponder and enables safe operation together with other aircraft.

During the demonstration at Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport, Droniq took care of the flight and the integration of the drone into the airspace. Droniq had previously applied for the necessary flight permit. Eviden was responsible for communication at the control center. "The automated use of drones marks the next logical step in the use of this technology, which can benefit fire departments and other emergency services, for example," says Droniq CEO Jan-Eric Putze.

Following the successful test, Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport, the district of Paderborn and the companies Droniq and Eviden will work together to further develop and refine the system. If the district of Paderborn decides to purchase the automated drone systems, an example will be set up at the airport.

"This project is another important component of our innovation airport. Our airport is particularly suitable for testing innovative systems because, as a fully equipped commercial airport, we have all the technical facilities and at the same time have the necessary free time for flight operations," emphasizes Airport Managing Director Roland Hüser.

Caption: At the test operation at Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport (from left): District Administrator Christoph Rüther (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Airport), Angie Reeh (Network Coordinator, Innovation Airport), Ulrich Wilmsmann (DAA CE Practice Head, Eviden), Jan-Eric Putze (Chief Executive Officer, Droniq) and Roland Hüser (Managing Director, Airport).

Press contact:

  • Phil Stephan, Sr. PR Manager
  • Phone: +49 171 6099 747
  • Mail: phil.stephan@droniq.de

About Droniq GmbH
Droniq GmbH is a joint venture founded in 2019 by DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung (51% share) and Deutsche Telekom (49% share). Based in Frankfurt am Main, the company has set itself the task of promoting the professional and safe use of drones by authorities and organizations with security tasks as well as companies.
The core of Droniq's product range is the Droniq Traffic Management System for drones
(UTM). The UTM shows the pilot all surrounding air traffic - manned and unmanned. Other air traffic participants can also see the drone if required. With this system, which is unique in Germany, Droniq is creating the basis for the safe use of drones even beyond visual range.
Other services offered by Droniq include the sale of drones for commercial and official drone use as well as hardware and software solutions for safe operation. It also supports its customers in applying for operating licenses and advises on mission planning. With its Droniq Academy in Frankfurt and Mönchengladbach, among other locations, the company also offers the opportunity to complete training courses and examinations for remote pilots. Droniq's customers include federal and state police units as well as fire departments, rescue services and companies from the chemical, logistics, construction and security sectors. www.droniq.de

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Table of Contents

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