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Yuneec H520E

Versatile hexacopter for UAS missions in industry & BOS


Yuneec H520E

Versatile hexacopter for UAS missions in industry & BOS

Developed by Yuneec, the H520E hexacopter is designed specifically for commercial drone applications. It gives rescue workers, inspectors, police, firefighters and survey teams a versatile tool.


Also available for leasing

Running time: 36 months. Incl. rechargeable batteries.

from 67,27 € mthly.
incl. VAT
from 2.199,95 € incl. VAT.
from 1.848,70 € net
plus shipping costs
Delivery time: In stock 5-7 working days
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Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de
from 2.199,95 € incl. VAT.
from 1.848,70 € net
plus shipping costs
Delivery time: In stock 5-7 working days
Do you have questions about the product? Contact form
Tel. +49 69 509 547 400 | Mail. info@droniq. de

Product features

Sale possible only to traders
1,86 kg
551x482x309 mm
Protection class
Operating temperature
0°C to 40°C
Operating time
30 min
Power supply
Flight time
30 min
Flight distance
7 km
Flight altitude
500 m
20 m/s
544 gram
Take-off weight
2,40 kg
Manufacturer warranty
12 months
Shipping weight
7,50 kg
black or orange


  • New powerful flight control processor
  • OFDM module with long range
  • Designed for professional, commercial and regulatory requirements
  • High-precision, low-interference compass
  • Energy efficient and quiet operation
  • ST16E with integrated 7″ touch display, voice output and comprehensive DataPilot™ software
  • Mission planning on the computer or ST16E

Intended use

The H520E is a rugged, powerful and flexible UAV platform that is ideally suited to individual requirements, enabling a wide range of industry-specific
applications. Long flight times and high-quality camera systems with embedded GPS data allow for fast and accurate coverage of an area. The low-interference precision compass enables flying even in previously difficult-to-fly environments. In addition to performance and flexibility, special emphasis was placed on the flight and data safety of the drone during the development of the platform.

Law enforcement applications: The H520E Hexacopter enables police officers to quickly record an accident scene in 2D or 3D. This documents important data for reporting and solving the case. In addition, the E30Zx zoom camera allows investigations to be carried out from a long distance and large areas to be recorded accurately and quickly, for example prior to an investigation by the fire department, accident or crime investigators.

Search and Rescue: The H520E increases safety at emergency scenes, reduces time on rescue missions, and opens up new opportunities to efficiently contain a fire through thermal imaging. The drone can be used as an airborne platform when searching for injured or fleeing persons, checking the path ahead for obstacles, reconnoitering and observing an accident scene, or enhancing communications.

Site Mapping: construction site surveys, topographic measurements and project progress. The H520E can perform repeatable flyovers that record measurable and demonstrable project data and help identify risk factors and safety leaks. Automated flying can store repeatable flight tracks whose records are overlaid and compared to visualize and document changes and progress in the construction process.

Inspection: Vertical structures can be inspected safely and efficiently with the H520E. Long focal lengths allow the pilot to fly at a safe distance without sacrificing quality or detail. The DataPilot™ saves missions for repeat use to compare data or perform degradation studies. The safety improvements and cost reductions from a drone inspection are immense.


Scope of delivery

  • 1x Aircraft Yuneec H520E Hexacopter (optionally in black or orange)
  • 1x OFDM module
  • 2x batteries 4S-6200mAh
  • 1x EU charging cable
  • 12V charging cable
  • ST16E Remote control
  • 1x ST16E battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Sun visor for the screen cover
  • Lanyard
  • SD card
  • User manual

Cameras are not included in the scope of delivery.

Technical data

AircraftYuneec H520E
Starting weight1860 g (without camera)
Diameter520 mm (without propellers)
Size551x482x309 mm
Flight time25-30 min
Max. Speed20 m/s
Max. Climbing speed5 m/s
Max. Sink rate3 m/s
Max. Flight altitude500 m
Max. Rotation speed120°/s
Battery4S-6200mAh Li-Ion
Operating temperatures0°C - 40°C
Storage temperatures-10°C - 50°C
Obstacle detectionYuneec H520E
Airspeed4 m/s
Operating environmentHeight > 1.5m
Distance to obstacles < 5 m
Remote controlYuneec H520E
Operating systemAndroid ™
Number of channels16
Rich control signalFrom 3.5 - 7 km (3.5 km Europe)
Battery3.6V 8700mAh 31.32Wh Li-Ion
Frequency2.4 GHz
Video link frequency band2.4 GHz
Video Link Resolution720 p
Screen size7“
Operating temperatures0°C to 40°C


The following cameras are available:


  • 256 x 192 thermal resolution
  • CMOS 1/2.8″ sensor with 2 MP RGB resolution
  • 30 Hz
  • Suitable for tasks related to search and rescue, firefighting and law enforcement
  • 30-pin X connector
  • Compatible with H520E & H850-RTK


  • 640×512 thermal resolution for clear and detailed target detection
  • CMOS 1/2.8″ sensor with 2 MP RGB resolution
  • Detailed and precise temperature measurement for each pixel
  • Color palettes adaptable to task requirements
  • Dual camera (RGB and thermal)
    Subsequent accurate analysis with evaluable data
  • Radiometric
  • 30-pin X connector
  • Compatible with H520E & H850-RTK


  • 640×512 thermal resolution for clear and detailed target detection.
  • CMOS 1″ sensor with 20 MP RGB resolution
  • 8x digital zoom (thermal & RGB)
  • IPX4 all-weather
  • Detailed and precise temperature measurement for each pixel
  • Color palettes adaptable to task requirements
  • Adjustable gain modes to change the temperature range to be measured
  • Subsequent accurate analysis with evaluable data
  • Suitable for tasks related to inspections (buildings, solar installations and power lines), search and rescue, firefighting and law enforcement.
  • 30-pin X connector
  • Compatible with H520E & H850-RTK


  • Zoom camera with 30x optical zoom + 6x digital zoom
  • Autofocus
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 30 pin X-connector2.55 s Zoom speed (from wide to telephoto)
  • Ideal for government applications and for situational awareness and investigation


  • 20 megapixel / 4K @ 60 frames per second
  • 1" CMOS sensor
  • up to 8x digital zoom
  • 23 mm wide angle lens with low distortion
  • 30 pin X-connector
  • 320° rotation of the gimbal for perfect image stabilization
  • Optimal for professional film and photo shoots, 3D mapping /
    modeling as well as search & rescue applications

Furthermore, the following payloads are still possible:

  • Front radar
  • Dual suspension
  • ATL 102S V3 Oblique Camera
  • GS100C LiDAR
  • SAR Drop System
  • Loudspeaker
  • Spotlight-120W/13400 Lumen
  • LaQuinta Multispectral Camera

Frequently asked questions about commercial drone leasing:

Leasing for drones is possible for 24 or 36 months. The lease term is extended by another 12 months if not cancelled in time (6 months) by the end date.

Drone leasing is intended exclusively for commercial customers. Ideally, the lessee should have been active in the market for at least 24 months. Sufficient creditworthiness is a prerequisite.

Droniq GmbH supports you in the right selection of the drone, prepares the offer and acts as an intermediary in the leasing. The leasing contract itself is concluded with DLL Group (lessor), our leasing partner. The delivery of the drone takes place via Droniq.

Early contract termination is possible at any time upon repurchase at the current residual value of the drone. An extension is also possible after the end of the term. Lease contracts that are not terminated in due time at the end date (6 months) are automatically extended by another 12 months.

At the end of the leasing period, the lessee has the option to purchase the drone for its residual value. Furthermore, there is the possibility to redeem the drone during the leasing period.

There is an electronics insurance that can be optionally selected when the leasing object is contracted, so that in the event of damage, a simple settlement is possible at any time. The insurance partner for the electronics insurance is HDI Versicherung AG.

The use of the leased drone is generally only permitted in Germany. Deviating locations (in other EU countries) must be requested and approved by the lessor. Permanent use outside the EU is not possible.

Only new equipment is delivered to lessees.


0 m/s
0 min
in the air
0 m
Play Video about The H520E hexacopter developed by Yuneec is designed specifically for commercial drone applications. It gives rescue workers, inspectors, police, firefighters and survey teams a versatile tool.

Multiple camera options

Numerous payload options make the H520E easy to adapt to different applications. Sensors can be swapped in seconds, minimizing downtime and improving productivity. For example, one gimbal-camera combination can be swapped for another without shutting down the drone.

Intelligent safety concept

The H520E was developed with the highest demands on
safety and functionality. The 6-rotor
system enables stable and safe flight. It is ensured at all times that the H520E can continue to fly safely even if
one rotor fails. Built-in
ultrasonic sensors let the drone detect obstacles
while the battery provides low voltage
battery warnings and lastly transitions to a fail-safe
function. In addition, the H520E is equipped with
a redundant control signal, a return-home
and a geo-fence function.


Yuneec's DataPilot™ is a software solution for
planning of waypoint and survey missions that is
fully integrated into the hardware and software of the H520E
. The DataPilot™ app enables
efficient and consistent creation of orthomaps,
3D scans, and camera flights with repeatable
flight paths. No additional third-party software from
is required. In addition, the DataPilot™ can process and store maps
from different providers,
in order to be able to fly even where no internet connection
is available.

Data security

The H520E has been developed as a closed system
whose technical design prevents communication
with third-party servers. Communication
only takes place between the drone, the payload and
the ST16E remote control. Log files are stored locally in
the drone and are only required by Yuneec
for service purposes in the event of a warranty claim. The data is read out via cable. Yuneec guarantees:
There are no interfaces to Yuneec servers,
development stations or internal IT infrastructure.

Product Features

  • Compact design

    The Yuneec H520E features a stable and safe 6-rotor design with retractable landing gear.

  • Powerful remote control

    The Android-based ST16E remote control is equipped with a fast Intel quad-core processor and OFDM support. This allows images to be transmitted up to 7 km. The integrated 7" display with touchscreen ensures precise, intuitive operation. The H520E displays all flight information as well as the live image from the camera. The live image can also be conveniently transferred to a larger monitor via the remote control's HDMI output.

  • High range

    Thanks to a novel OFDM module, the hexacopter from Yuneec has a range of between 3.5 - 7 km.

  • High precision compass

    The H520E is equipped with a high-precision, interference-free compass so that hard-to-see environments can be flown flawlessly.

  • Hot-swappable payload systems

    The Yuneec H520E's payload system is hot-swappable, so switching is possible at any time during drone flight. 

  • Battery with fail-safe function

    If the battery voltage is too low, battery warnings are issued so that the drone enters a fail-safe function.

  • Highest data security

    The data recorded during the drone flights is not transferred to any external servers but only stored locally in the drone. The data is read out via cable.

  • Simple mission planning

    Drone missions can be planned easily and quickly on the computer or on the ST16E remote control.

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