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Federation of German Industries:
InnoNation Festival

BDI - InnoNation | Jan-Eric Putze at the workshop on Reallabsore
Our CEO Jan-Eric Putze visited the InnoNation Festival in Berlin last week and participated in the workshop "Reallabore: A smart way to implement InnoNation?".
Under the moderation of Jan-Martin Wiarda, he and the other guests discussed the significance of reallabs for companies, legislators and society. Among other things, they explored the question of what reallabs can do, where their limits are, what added value they can bring to society, and how they need to be designed in a meaningful way.
Many thanks for the many interesting conversations as well as the exchange with the other guests: Sjoerd Keijser (Business Development Manager, FME) | Dr. Konstantin Kolloge (Head of Reallabore Office, Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection) | Peter van Harten (Ambassador Smart Industry Holland, CEO Isah GmbH) | Simone Ebel-Schmidt (Political Secretary, IG Metall Executive Board)
Table of contents

Table of Contents

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DRONIQlive: iConspicuity for general aviation

The next issue of DRONIQlive will focus on the introduction of ADS-L for general aviation.

Our presenter Alexander Tummes has invited a number of experts to talk to him about the electronic visibility of all air traffic participants - from hang gliders, gliders and helicopters to motorized aircraft.

DRONIQlive will take place on Tue, 30.07.2024 at 7 pm. We look forward to your participation!