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Remote Pilot Certificate A2 & BOS Knowledge for Remote Pilots


At a glance UAS aerial photography 3D point cloud Construction documentation Assurance of quality Live aerial situation The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal Surveying and inspecting construction sites as well as checking the progress of construction can be carried out faster, more accurately and economically more efficiently by drone. In practice, however, this often turns out to be more complex than in theoretical ... Continued


At a glance Training Theory & practice 0 days Training Examination Proof of knowledge 0 Course participants Aerial inspection of plant premises The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal With drones, industrial plants can be inspected much more easily and quickly from the air; they also provide helpful services in the event of fires and in assessing damage, for example after extreme weather conditions. Also in the ... Continued

DFMG Deutsche Funkturm

At a glance Scan TV tower 0 m Flight altitude 0 km Flight distance 0 hrs Flight time 3D model The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal Deutsche Funkturm would like to make greater use of the possibilities offered by digitization in order to operate its own infrastructure even more efficiently. Until now, the maintenance of the company's 30,000 towers, masts and roof locations has been time-consuming ... Continued


At a glance 0 m Flying altitude 0 km BVLOS flying Capturing image data 0 km/h Speed 0 Poles in 45 min The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal Birds' nests in power poles, damage to cables and trusses, or weather-related erosion: This is what power grid operators in Germany must regularly inspect their infrastructure for. As a rule, this inspection is carried out by ... Continued

Institute of the Fire Brigade NRW

At a glance Training Theory & Practice BOS customized 0 days Training Examination Proof of Knowledge Practice with Droniqflotte The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal In order to include drone operation in the standard portfolio for fire departments in NRW, the IdF wanted to train employees from different areas for both the examination for the proof of knowledge according to § 21d LuftVO as ... Continued


The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal When a ship is in distress at sea, every minute counts. However, shipwrecked persons can be rescued quickly especially if precise information about the location and operational situation at the scene of the accident is available. Conventional distress messages, however, often do not contain all the details needed for an efficient deployment of sea rescue teams. The rapid localization from the ... Continued


At a glance Safe regular flight operations 0 km Gas pipelines Live air situation 0 m Flight altitude Pipeline monitoring The goal Implementation Our contribution The goal Network operational safety is the be-all and end-all for Thyssengas. This safety is ensured, among other things, by regular aerial flights of the pipeline routes with helicopters. This ensures early detection of hazards such as unannounced construction activities along the route. ... Continued


At a glance Locating via LTE 0 km BVLOS flying Airborne situation Representation 0 m Flying altitude Drones Plant transport The goal The implementation Our contribution The goal The company Merck, which has its headquarters in Darmstadt, has various plants in the surrounding area. Samples and other substances have to be transported between these locations on a regular basis, this is usually done by transporter. ... Continued

DRONIQlive: How the inspection of wind turbines with a drone works

The inspection of wind turbines is crucial to ensure their performance and safety. However, traditional methods are often costly, time-consuming and sometimes even dangerous for maintenance personnel. This is where drones come in as an innovative solution. 

In the next edition of our DRONIQlive webinar, we will discuss exactly how drone flights of wind turbines work and what is important in terms of hardware and software.