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The UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system from Droniq offers the basis for safe and efficient drone operations beyond the visual line of sight of the pilot. Droniq can also provide you with the required hardware consisting of a ground-based situational awareness system (GBSAS) and an LTE modem for locating the aircraft, known as the hook-on device (HOD). Together with online access to the web-based UTM system, you will be ready for professionally run drone operations that are in compliance with the applicable regulations.


Drones are useful tools – especially in commercial applications. Droniq can offer support in integrating drones into your existing business processes so you can fully exploit the potential of this new technology. See what else Droniq offers.


The core of Droniq's product offering is a traffic management system for drones (UTM), which, in addition to a combined air situation of manned and unmanned aircraft, offers further functions for the safe operation of drones beyond the visual line of sight. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Our UTM approach focuses on the entire process chain of professional drone flight operations conducted beyond the visual line of sight. The system supports the operator in all phases of the flight.

In the pre-flight phase, operators register themselves in the UTM, plan their missions and check any no-fly zones or airspace restrictions. After the flight has been validated, they will receive precise information on which permits may still have to be obtained. They also receive information on other registered flight movements.

During the in-flight phase, the UTM tracks the drone in real time using the hook-on device. Other relevant air traffic is also displayed in the flight view (manned aircraft and unmanned flight objects registered in the UTM system). The operator receives a warning if they deviate from their planned flight path or leave the airspace blocked for their mission.

The UTM system components in the post-flight phase help to assess and follow up on the flight (such as logbook entries, incident management, battery management).

UTM UAS Traffic Management System

1. The LTE module with integrated SIM card mounted on the drone sends its position data and, optionally, any other payload data (such as video, photo or sensor data) over Deutsche Telekom's mobile communications network. The drone also receives its control commands over this network (command & control).

2. The mobile communications network is already available throughout Germany and serves as the basic infrastructure.

3. The payload data are provided to the drone pilot, or end user, in the cloud.

4. Thanks to their access to the UTM system, the drone pilot can easily monitor the surrounding airspace and is informed about all relevant flight activities. Pre-flight planning and post-flight follow-up are also handled using the UTM system. This includes the complete administration of users.

5. All common drone detection systems can be connected to the UTM system via an interface and data can be synchronised to determine which drones are potentially dangerous.

6. Drones flying without an LTE module cannot be detected by the UTM system initially. However, using the sensor technology of a drone detection system, these drones can also be located and their position data integrated into the UTM system.

7. The ground sensor system receives the position data of traffic flying under visual flight rules (VFR) in the surrounding airspace, such as FLARM and ADS-B, and sends these position data via mobile technology to the UTM system.

8. The transponder data of the commercial aircraft flying under instrument flight rules (IFR) are received and processed using the radar infrastructure of DFS.

9. The data of manned aircraft relevant for drone flights are also incorporated into the UTM system.

10. Droniq's UTM system offers all the services needed for safe and efficient drone operations.


Drones can be valuable tools for the emergency services, whether in searching for missing persons, in the investigation of forest fires or as support in law enforcement. The UTM system can be a central component for the police, fire and rescue services to coordinate and safely handle drone missions. Find out how Droniq can support you.


Our hook-on device (HOD) turns the drone into a flying mobile phone. It is small, light and consumes very little power. Attached to the drone, it transmits the GPS position of the aircraft every second to the UTM via LTE. Here you can see what else the Droniq HOD can do.