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Use Case

Institute of the Fire Brigade NRW


The Institut der Feuerwehr NRW (IdF NRW) in Münster is the central training facility for firefighters and members of crisis teams in North Rhine-Westphalia. With a staff of around 170, the IdF is Germany's largest firefighting training institution. Drones are also being used more and more by firefighters - for example, to track down hot spots or to document their own operations.

The IdF NRW wants to include drone operations in the standard portfolio for fire departments in NRW. Droniq provided the appropriate training specifically for official use.

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The goal

In order to include drone operation in the standard portfolio for fire departments in NRW, the IdF wanted to train employees from various areas both for the examination for proof of knowledge according to § 21d LuftVO and in the practical handling of drones. The IdF put this service out to public tender in November 2019. Droniq was awarded the contract.

The implementation

In January 2020, the Droniq experts held a two-day training course at the premises of the IdF NRW in Münster. This consisted of a block of theory in which the topics of air law, including the special features for drone use in the BOS area (authorities and organizations with security tasks), flight operations and navigation, data protection and copyright, as well as the technology of a multicopter were covered. On the second day, the participants were able to test their flight practice. After an introduction to flight planning and preparation, the IdF employees flew various aircraft according to a predefined flight program. The participants also successfully passed the test for the certificate of knowledge according to §21d LuftVO.

Our contribution

The Droniq experts are proven specialists from manned aviation. They trained the employees of the IdF with a classroom course to acquire the certificate of knowledge according to §21d LuftVO. This course is specially designed to meet the requirements for UAS operations in the BOS sector and is based on the recommendations of the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK). In the practical part of the training - "Practical course and proficiency test for BOS drone pilots" - the aircraft of the Droniq fleet were used. The participants flew a standardized flight program on the IdF's outdoor area. This allows the skills of the pilots to be assessed in compliance with the same evaluation criteria and confirms that they have a safe handling in standard and emergency procedures.

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