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support in planning complex or special drone flights

Do you need support in planning complex or special drone flights? If so, then we are the right place for you. We can help you with our extensive expertise and you will benefit from our close working relationship with the aeronautical authorities of the German Federal States (Landesluftfahrtbehörden), the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) and any other competent authorities and organisations in Germany. Air traffic law, in particular the German Aviation Regulation (LuftVO), precisely defines where you can safely fly your drone, and where not. However, there are often cases – for industrial and governmental applications, or for the safety-critical areas – in which a flight requiring a permit become necessary or economic. In such cases, the risks have to be determined, assessed and prepared in a form suitable for the competent aeronautical authority. Any legal requirements must also be considered.

reduce all risks for the drone flight

The objective is to reduce all risks to an acceptable minimum and to obtain an exceptional permission for the drone flight. Our consultants are pilots and trained aviation experts who will guide you through the process aimed at the successful conduct of your project. We will focus on your individual needs and requirements, submit the complex approval applications with you and, if necessary, train your staff. All details will be handled with the utmost discretion.

Making the impossible possible

A mission permit or risk assessment is required for many drone missions. Droniq can provide you with individual support in all steps of the approval of your flight project. Here you can see exactly how this is done.
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We can help you with the following projects:



maintenance flights, repairs, transport, logistics, etc.



agriculture, forestry, infrastructure, etc.

Emergency services

Emergency services

monitoring, control, investigation, etc.



special footage, etc.

SORA workshop

At Droniq, you can book a one-day workshop especially for the preparation of a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) for your flight project. This workshop is based on the requirements of NfL1-1163-17 (German-language publication). Upon request, we also offer SORA workshops for your individual project. The workshops are held in German and the costs can be provided on request.

Even if you haven’t found yourself or your project in this list, we look forward to receiving your enquiry and will be happy to work with you in developing a suitable solution.

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Planning of drone flight

Expert opinions and independent appraisals

Thanks to our diverse range of consulting projects, our qualified experts have extensive knowledge, particularly in the following areas:

  • Air traffic management and UTM
  • Air law
  • Risk and hazard analysis for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems
  • Investigation of aircraft accidents involving unmanned aircraft systems

We carry out these activities as independent consultants. Our expert opinions comply with generally accepted standards and are charged at the prevailing hourly rates. We primarily prepare expert opinions for commercial enterprises, public authorities and insurance companies.

Examples of expert opinions for private-law purposes:

  • Expert opinion on a specific operations risk assessment (SORA) and a concept of operations (ConOps)
  • Expert opinion on exemptions from operating bans and the issuing of permits
  • Read-out and analysis of telemetry data and flight data memories
  • Assessments of routes flown and compliance with the legal framework
  • Aircraft accident analysis

We are also available for expert opinions required by courts of law.

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